We repair furniture in the way that it was originally constructed - keeping the original nature of the piece intact.
In-home repair and touch-up

Ackerman & Sons offers a complete in home touch-up and repair service. Our full time staff of experienced technicians can arrange to repair many items in your home. While there are limits to what can be done out of the shop, small scratches, dents, dings and repairs can often be taken care of on site. For us, miracles are commonplace.

There is a minimum service call fee in the metropolitan Denver area. Most minor problems can be resolved within that amount. If it is determined that the work is not something that can be done in the home, our staff will usually be able to provide you with an estimate to repair or refinish in the shop, and can arrange to have the item picked-up for you.

Things that are typically not repairable in home are spills from nail polish remover that have been wiped up - larger in size than a dime. Large white marks left on dining tables from hot pizza boxes or wet glasses, etc. will only occasionally be repairable in home - depending on the condition of the finish prior to damage. Sometimes these marks can be removed, only to have them reappear the next day. If the finish in the discolored area is rough this indicates a problem that generally requires refinishing. Cross grain scratches on horizontal surfaces, like dining table tops, are almost impossible to completely remove by touch up, because of surface reflectivity. If the furniture has a build up of silicones or polish, touch-up is very difficult since these things often soften the finish.

If you have any questions about in home service, please call our workshop at (303)798-3220 and we'll be able to help you determine if a house call will be successful and can assist in making an appointment.