The combined experience of our craftsmen in our workshop comes to over 330 years. That's experience you can trust.
Ackerman's craftsmen

We have assembled a team of excellent prep, repair and touch-up people. Our wood shop is equipped the finest tools and equipment - operated by knowing craftsman. Your piece is as important to them as is to you. The people that have joined our company over the last 30 years (a generation!) have been a combination of trained professionals and people with the talent and desire to learn the trade.

Furniture is very specialized when it comes to craftsmen and takes someone dedicated to develop into the finest in the trade. Under the guidance of Jim Ackerman, the staff is well trained, managed and proud of their workmanship. Many of the staff have been with us for years, some are learning the industry at entry level - in the strip booth. That's where the refinishing process begins - Jim did his time there and insists everyone enjoy the same experience. In our back room we have dedicated people there to help restore your furniture to it's original condition. We are proud of their workmanship and stand behind it with our warranties. If you have any questions about the shop, the process in which we restore your furniture, please call us or come by, we would be very pleased to give you a tour and have you meet everyone.